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UV Gullas College of Medicine is popular among Indian students for two reasons. 1. Super Affordable Tuition Fee (17.82 Lakhs for 5.5 years) 2. Safe, Secure campus with comfortable hostel and food.

Welcome to UV Gullas College of Medicine, the most preferred medical college in the Philippines. UV Gullas College of Medicine is an MCI and WHO recognized medical college located in Cebu city. Admissions open for 2020 and are underway. Apply today and get your Notice of Acceptance asap!

UV Gullas College of Medicine has 50+ years of legacy in the field of medical education and research. UV Gullas College of Medicine is powered by University of Visayas with its experience of 100 years in educational excellence.

UV Gullas College of Medicine is the best university for studying MBBS in abroad, especially for Indian students. It is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). UV Gullas offers world class medical education at a low and affordable fee.

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About UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine is located in the beautiful Cebu City, Philippines. For over 50+ years decades, UV Gullas College of Medicine has excelled not only in teaching the practice of medicine but also in bringing out the best in our students.

UV Gullas College of Medicine prepares the students to excel in the fast-paced landscape of modern medicine through an updated American-based (more clinical experience focused) curriculum. UV Gullas College of Medicine believes in providing our students with a strong foundation in biomedical sciences and clinical experiences, through state-of-the-art technologies and committed pedagogy. This has in fact resulted in UV Gullas graduates working all over the world in various respectable positions as doctors, surgeons and researchers, with high-salary packages.

UV Gullas College of Medicine believes in making MBBS education affordable so that any aspiring student can access it, to become a part of healing the world. MBBS degree provided by UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines, is accredited by all the major medical bodies across the globe like MCI, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE.

This is what makes UV Gullas College of Medicine a truly world-class medical college which provides MBBS degree at the most affordable tuition fee. That's why UV Gullas College of Medicine has been the favorite choice of Indian students to study MBBS abroad for the last 10 years. Thousands of Indian students trust UV Gullas and are currently pursuing their MBBS at UV Gullas campus.

Advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine

Why do smart Indian students and their parents choose UV Gullas College of Medicine to study MBBS abroad?
  • American Syllabus which is the best medical syllabus in the world which provides higher standard of studies and more clinical experience. MBBS graduates from American syllabus get first preference in jobs all over the world.
  • Affordable Education at most of the Philippines Medical Colleges, and the UV Gullas College of Medicine fees is the most affordable.
  • Specially care & boost for each and every student, to have their PG/ Career in a country of their choosing like USA, California, Canada, Thailand, England, India or Australia.
  • Well-established platform for PLAB, USMLE & FMGE.
  • One-on-one individual care for all Indian students, facilitated by UV Gullas Admissions office in Chennai.
  • Dedicated International Students Office for special assistance, guidance & counselling.
  • Tuition Fee in Installment mode is available.
  • No Language Barrier, since English is the medium of instruction & 99% of people in Philippines speak English.
  • Same Climatic conditions as India - namely Temperate, ensuring that the disease patterns learned in Philippines and their treatment is the same as the home country. This helps our MBBS students to complete the course and start practicing in the home country almost immediately.
  • Healthy & Friendly locale. The breathtaking Cebu City provides the ideal environment to relax and focus on MBBS studies.
  • Exclusive batches and training for International Students.
  • 1400+ Indian students, already in the Campus. Most trusted medical college in Philippines by Indian students.
  • Regular interaction with Students & Parents ensures the students remain focused on their studies and career.
  • Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Indian food (even Jain food) provided in the UV Gullas canteen within the UV Gullas Hostel, for the comfort and health of the Indian students.

UV Gullas College of Medicine - Campus Infrastructure:

Students from all over the world choose UV Gullas College of Medicine for its world-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure. UV Gullas College of Medicine campus has hit tech facilities such as digital classrooms, 24/7 digital libraries and latest simulation labs. UV Gullas campus also provides In-campus UV Gullas hostel with 24/7 security features to ensure that the students are safe and sound. UV Gullas campus also provides healthy Indian food for Indian students. Overall, UV Gullas College of Medicine campus provides all the educational needs and living comforts for the students to become smart, future doctors. Take a look at all the facilities available at UV Gullas campus:


Techno Campus is how you could describe our campus.
Supplicated with Smart Classrooms and Wifi hotspots to aid the students to do better research and activate their creativity and research. In a class, a professor takes classes through presentations and the students have well luxuriated comfortable AC classrooms where they are able to sit and write their notes about everything discussed. 

Exclusive Study Halls – (The Jose R Gullas – Learning Resource Center) – are specifically set up in the UV Gullas Campus, to help the students study in full concentration and in group study where they are able to congregate and discuss their learning. Being also a Wifi-hotspot, the students can browse, learn and do research to do  in-depth studies on the subjects covered.


1. Digitalised Microbiology and Pathology Labs – The specialty of these Digital Microbiology and Pathology Labs is that, they are the only ones of their kind in entire Philippines. And they are prepped up in UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus.

Curious to know the extent of digital integration in the UV Gullas labs?

Each desk is set up like a conference table that can seat 5 to 7 MBBS students. And each of these desks contain a screen that will be running the presentation prepared by the faculty. The faculty would be sitting at the podium with the presentation and running the slides while the children get to see the slides in person and have a better understanding. Mics and Air-conditioned rooms, help the students in terms of understanding what is being taught comfortably and audibly.

2. Anatomy Labs – Right after an Anatomy Theory session, the students are taken to the anatomy lab where they get to see and learn the practical session of what they learned.

Providing the complete care & comforts for Indian students!

UV Gullas Hostels

Exclusive air-conditioned hostels for foreign students within the UV Gullas campus is testament to that. The hostel is handled by the UV Gullas College of Medicine – Indian Admissions Office, Chennai, in Vadapalani, directly since the students are their responsibility. Separate on-campus hostel for boys and girls is present. Coupled with 24/7 security and CCTV cameras to ensure that they students are safe and accounted for.  UV Gullas Hostels have shopping centers also mapped to them, so that the students can buy the needed essentials without stepping out also.UV Gullas with complete pride would like to make a statement that every possible stone upturned to ensure that the MBBS students studying on the UV Gullas Campus are  comfortable while doing their MBBS in Philippines. 

UV Gullas Campus Dining – Indian food provided on campus – both Veg and Non-Veg. If required, the student can also be provided exclusive Jain food.

Wardens and Campus Coordinators – We have exclusive Wardens and Campus Coordinators for our MBBS Students staying on campus. The Wardens and the Campus Co-ordinators report to the UV Gullas College of Medicine – Indian Admissions Office since the students are sent by our Indian Staff.

UV Gullas Library:

In UV Gullas Campus, we have a Techno Library efficiently run by Ms Ann, with our student assistant Mr. Clint, to help you out. Affixed with computer systems to browse, research and learn, coupled with the help of the latest books, our students are able to boost their studies and do in-depth meaningful research. At times, we even conduct discussion classes for our MBBS students with their professors within the library, so that the students get to refer books, while the discussion is going on.

We give a lot of importance to the holistic development of our MBBS students and hence encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities of their choice. Spanning from Sports to Cultural Events to even Field related Quiz Competitions. 

The students, therefore, have access to a wide range of equipment, dedicated teaching staff, stress free hostel facilities and amenities within the UV Gullas Campus to help them focus on nurturing their career.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Tuition Fee Structure:

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a world-class MBBS degree at the most affordable fee structure ever! Indian students can now study MBBS at just Rs. 17.83 Lakhs for the whole 5.5 years period. This comes cheaper than most private colleges in India! And the living and hostel expenses in Philippines are even lower. That's why 1000s of Indian students choose UV Gullas College of Medicine to study MBBS in the Philippines. There is NO DONATION or capitation fee of any kind at UV Gullas College of Medicine. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a transparent and open fee structure. Here is a detailed look at UV Gullas College of Medicine fee structure:
Program Academic Year Application fees in INR
Pre-Medicine Program
(BS Biology)
For 3 Semerster and 1 Summer INR 6,75,000
Doctor of Medicine (M.D) MD – 1st Year INR 2,98,000
  MD – 2nd Year INR 2,70,000
  MD – 3rd Year INR 2,70,000
  MD – 4th Year INR 2,70,000
Total in INR   INR 17,83,000

Affiliated Hospitals - UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine has associated with a number of reputed hospitals in Cebu City to provide real-time clinical experience to our students. All over the world, MBBS students will more practical experience than just bookish knowledge is preferred by hospitals & higher education institutions. Students with extensive clinical experience in their resumes get better job offers with higher salary packages. These are some of the reputed hospitals with more than 1000 beds that are affiliated with UV Gullas College of Medicine:

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Chong Hua Medical Center

Perpetual Succour Hospital

CDU Hospital

How did UV Gullas College of Medicine become the premier medical college of Philippines?

UV Gullas College of Medicine became one of the best and top-ranking medical colleges in the Philippines through its sheer commitment to student welfare and its long-term vision for excellence in medical education.

UV Gullas College of Medicine invested heavily in ultra-modern infrastructure and at the same time put in an effort to provide the best campus experience to students. UV Gullas College of Medicine attracted best and experienced faculty from all over the world and trained them to give complete support to students.

This student-centered approach has made UV Gullas College of Medicine campus popular among students all over the world, especially in India, UK, USA, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.


It is our vision to provide to every talented student with accessibility to functional, high-grade studies at affordable costs. We endeavor to improve educational reachability through innovation and strategy while even contributing to enhancement in quality of life for deserving individuals.


UV GULLAS aims to transform society through medicine. We strongly believe that we play a crucial role in the metamorphosis by imparting excellence through medical education programs. These are designed to deploy next-gen clinicians and specialists who will be exemplary role models in their own right. While fostering high integrity, our outputs involve honesty, accountability, trustworthiness, and technical inquisitiveness. With intrinsic planning and organization, we aspire to ingrain excellence in every student to provide effective, innovative, responsive and timely solutions.

About Cebu City

UV Gullas College of Medicine campus is located in the lovely and pleasant Cebu City.

Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas, and consists of a main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City, “the Queen City of the South”, the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines.

Cebu is the financial capital of Philippines and one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines with Metro Cebu being the second largest in the Philippines (after Metro Manila) with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. In a decade, it has transformed into a global hub for business processing services, tourism, shipping, furniture-making, and heavy industry. Cebu city provides the right mix of breathtaking nature views and city comforts.

All this makes UV Gullas campus at Cebu City the ideal environment for MBBS students to relax and focus on their MBBS curriculum.

How is Philippines as a country?

Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, Philippines consists of about 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Philippines is a pleasant, tropical country. Imagine a more pleasant India – that is how climate conditions are in the Philippines. Not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. Philippines is majorly a tourist economy. People in the Philippines are friendly and pleasant. They are always eager to welcome and please the foreigners. That makes Philippines a very safe environment for international MBBS students. 

Literacy Rate in Philippines has a simple literacy rate of 95.6%. Filipino values are, for the most part, centered around maintaining social harmony and hence, are peace loving people. Even during the covid-19 situation, Philippines & UV Gullas campus has fared well in terms of safety and precautions.

Languages: Ethinologue lists 186 individual languages in the Philippines, 182 of which are living languages. However, Filipino and English are the official languages of the country and everybody speaks in English there. Philippines is considered the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. MBBS students will find it easy to communicate in Philippines.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

1. Affordable – the total cost would come in between 18 to 30 lacs, i.e., on an average you save 70% to 80% of your tuition

2. No Capitation or Donation is Required – Parents in India end up paying huge donations and capitation fees excluding the yearly fees. Wherein the Top Medical Schools in Philippines do not accept any donations and capitation fees. They give equal rights to all students.

3. No Entrance test is required for Admission and students just need 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Even IELTS or TOEFL is not required.

4. Extremely lost cost of living – The average monthly expense of a child would vary between 100 to 200 USD per month including all overhead expenses.

5. Next to Best in the World Infrastructural facility

6. Opportunity to get International Exposure – Students will get the chance to meet the students coming from different countries, ethnicity, and background. 

7. English taught programmes – the total number of dialects in Philippines amounts to 186 in number of which 136 of them are still active. However, the major most popular medium of communication is English. 

8. Less Dependence on NEET Rank

UV Gullas Recognitions:

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