UV Gullas College of Medicine and Covid-19 precautions

UV Gullas Medical College New Normal
UV Gullas College of Medicine – our intern with a patient in the New Normal

Students studying in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus and staying in the UV Gullas hostel were monitored strictly and health audits were conducted to ensure that the students were fine. They were asked to sanitize their hands and legs before entering the hostel each time they stepped out to go to the study halls or the hostel canteen. Minimal safe distancing was also maintained, to ensure that they are in their prime health. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine, taking additional precautionary measures in the UV Gullas Campus as we face the new pandemic.

MBBS abroad is a dream for most of our foreign students. And then, they chose Philippines to do MBBS in Philippines. From there, to further narrow down, when, of all the Medical colleges in Philippines, when they rounded up on Gullas College of Medicine, it is in their best interest that the management proactively took part in the Covid-19 drive to ensure that the campus and the hostel is clean and sanitized. 

This COVID-19 pandemic has sent us into a panic. Except for the frontline soldiers who provided critical care for the patients, people were obliged to stay at home. All medical teaching and clerkships were interrupted due to severe acute respiratory syndrome, placing medical students at risk. However, the education system was greatly impacted by these unique times, leading to fresh approaches to education.

Due to their initial understanding of COVID-19 symptoms, transmission, and preventive behaviours, people appear to have been prepared for the peak of pandemic cases. They were more concerned about the short-term consequences, such as rising grocery prices or the stress of confinement and isolation. The knowledge and concerns of the responders grew over time, resulting in long-term pandemic management challenges.

news about covid-19 near uv gullas college of medicine
news about covid-19 near uv gullas college of medicine

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