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Admissions Open for 2020 for the top-ranking medical college in Philippines at the most affordable tuition fees.

Study MBBS in a top-ranking medical college of Philippines – UV Gullas College of Medicine. Located in the breathtaking Cebu City in Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine is the top world-ranking medical college in Philippines, especially chosen by hundreds of Indian students every year. Admissions at UV Gullas College of Medicine is open for the year 2020-2021 and a lot of Indian students are already applying for their admissions at UV Gullas to fulfill their dreams to become a doctor.

Why is UV Gullas College of Medicine the best study MBBS abroad medical college for Indian students?

The answer is simply the commitment of UV Gullas College of Medicine’s management towards excellence in medical education. UV Gullas College of Medicine is approved by MCI and students who graduate from UV Gullas have scored top-ranking in MCI screening tests. M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) graduates from UV Gullas College of Medicine clear MCI screening test with the highest pass percentage!

UV Gullas College of Medicine always provides world-class MBBS education by offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-class hostel facilities at affordable fees. UV Gullas College of Medicine has an in-campus hostel with 24/7 security features to ensure that the students are safe and sound. Facilities such as study halls and libraries within the UV Gullas campus allows every student to plan an individual pathway to their degree in medicine. That is why MBBS aspirants from India, Thailand, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Nepal, Japan, and the United States choose to study MBBS in the Philippines at UV Gullas College of Medicine campus.


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Why does UV Gullas College of Medicine get great reviews from Indian students?

When a top-ranking, medical college in Philippines like UV Gullas College of Medicine offers its complete support to keep Indian students who are away from home safe and comfortable and healthy, what more does Indian parents want? Yes, UV Gullas College of Medicine provides Indian students with veg and non-veg South/North Indian food and in-campus hostel facilities. UV Gullas College of Medicine, through its admissions office in Chennai, also provides complete assistance in the admission process – applications, VISA processing, getting cheap air-tickets, loan assistance, etc. UV Gullas College of Medicine also provides dedicated guidance counselors to the students as soon as they arrive at their campus. They provide them with all the support and guidance at any time the students need help.

All this combined with the future-ready MBBS degree of UV Gullas College of Medicine and the most affordable tuition fee gets UV Gullas College of Medicine all the glowing reviews from its students/parents. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine has 50+ years of experience in fostering active learning and critical thinking, by incorporating an American-based syllabus which provides more clinical experience, advanced clinical and basic/population science experiences, and a scholarly project. The hi-tech campus at UV Gullas College of Medicine gives a 360 degree experience to the students, which in turn, gives them a global edge in terms of experience and exposure. That is why graduates from UV Gullas College of Medicine are welcomed with open hands with high-salary packages in hospitals in India and all over the world.

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Why Choose UV Gullas?

Dr. Nino Ismael Pastor – Dean

Dear tomorrow’s doctors,

At UV Gullas, it has always been our vision to provide to every talented student with accessibility to functional, world-class medical education at an affordable tuition fee. We are proud of the quality healthcare professionals and doctors we have produced over the last 50+ years as a top-ranking medical college in Philippines. The final goal is to serve the world and serve the humanity. Our path is innovation, advanced technology, commitment, care to even the smallest details and a wholesome development of every student. 

I look forward to your presence in our campus. Come join the UV Gullas campus!

Walk into any of UV Gullas admissions offices and our well-trained staff will help and support you through the entire process. Be a part of our proud UV Gullas alumni. Let us share the joy of learning and let us heal the world together.

UV Gullas Admissions Open 2020!

UV Gullas Admissions Process made Easy

Effortless Admission Offer

With experience for close to 3 decades of sending more than 1800 foreign students abroad, UV Gullas Admissions Office has specially trained admission teams, to guide, counsel and support candidates. Students who choose us are achievers, because, they dream about doing MBBS, by all means. So they end up choosing to do MBBS abroad due to the heavy competition within the concerned country. By choosing to do MBBS abroad, they choose between various countries and end up choosing Philippines Medical Colleges to do MBBS in Philippines. Once the choice to us is made, we step into our student’s life and our UV Gullas Admissions teams helps our students in the A to Z of the UV Gullas admissions program. We even help our MBBS students get loans. 

100% Student Visa & Documentation Approval

MBBS Admissions requires students to do documentations, and if not guided well, can lead to waste of valuable time. UV Gullas Admissions requires documentations too. It is tricky, if one chooses to do the documentations without support due to the lack of knowledge on how to do it. We have Specialized Experienced Teams to handle documentations, with a clear step by step program created by our college, so that our students never face a problem – starting from the start of UV Gullas Admissions or during the processing of the visa, or even after reaching the UV Gullas Hostel which is within the UV Gullas Campus. We also help in ticketing, when heading to the college for the first time, and we accompany our students too. 

UV Gullas Hostel, Travel to the UV Gullas Hostel and Stay in UV Gullas Campus

Due to a well detailed travel plan, handled by the UV Gullas Authorized Admissions Office, Chennai, there has never been a confusion and all the foreign students, who aspire to do MBBS in Philippines by coming to us, have reached our campus safely from across the world. We have achieved this, by taking personal safety measures like ensuring that someone from our office travels with our students to ensure that they reach the UV Gullas Campus safely. The travel is literally a hand held safety-as-first-priority based planned trip. The UV Gullas Hostel, which is present within the UV Gullas campus, itself has state of the art security features like CCTV Cameras and Round the Clock Security Guards that ensures that the students are safe, once they reach the UV Gullas Campus.

UV Gullas Admissions Office, located in Chennai, sends our students in batches for BS and for MD to our UV Gullas Campus. The trained counselors in our UV Gullas Admissions Office will provide the students with training to face the visa interview. UV Gullas Admissions Counselors will individually help every one till they reach the UV Gullas campus safely. We also handhold our students during the entire tenure of their course while doing MBBS in Philippines, be it with respect to documentation with the Medical Council of India (MCI), or the Indian Embassy in the Philippines and, for the Visa Processing or renewal. UV Gullas College of Medicine takes care of all your admission assistance!

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Direct reviews from MBBS students studying at UV Gullas campus!

Listen to our students, as they relate their experiences of doing MBBS in Philippines and also their experiences of being in UV Gullas College of Medicine campus. Watch/read them talk about the UV Gullas Campus Facilities like libraries, study halls, food or hostel. You'll realize why UV Gullas College of Medicine is the right choice for your MBBS dreams!
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