UV Gullas College of Medicine has become a top-ranking medical college in Philippines and continues its rise in its world ranking.


UV Gullas College of Medicine was one of the few institutions in South Asia to have state-of-the-art new-age digital infrastructures installed. UV Gullas College of Medicine provides high-tech modern infrastructure combined with American-based medical syllabus and lots of clinical practice. This has resulted in UV Gullas College of Medicine rising up the ranks as a top-ranking medical college not only in Philippines but also in its world-ranking. 

That is why more than 1400+ students from India alone trust UV Gullas College of Medicine and are currently pursuing their MBBS at the UV Gullas campus. MBBS graduates from UV Gullas College of Medicine have secured the top-ranks in MCI screening test in India which provides the doctor’s practice license. UV Gullas College of Medicine students have shown highest pass percentage in MCI screening tests. 

Admissions are open for 2020 batch of MBBS students at Uv Gullas College of Medicine. Call our College of Medicine Admissions Office at +91 94455 53877 and our counselors will help you with the rest!

UV Gullas College of Medicine is already future-ready with its digital classroom initiatives! It was easy for us to transition to online teaching during this covid-19 pandemic. UV Gullas College of Medicine classes are conducted online now till flight travel is safe. Along with lectures, interactive sessions are held to make online classes more interesting and stimulating. We provide ample breaks between online classes so that students can get some off-screen time, to take care of the health of their eyes.

We have also created messaging groups where students can ask their doubts any time of the day in the group chats. They get immediate clarifications of doubts so that the students can make their notes online. It’s a robust system that ensures learning continues without any hurdles for our future doctors.

Medical Education in the times of Corona

100% Safe Campus

Online Interaction

No Covid19

If there is one thing the COVID-19 global pandemic has made us realize is the importance of diligent medical professionals.

The importance of good, knowledgeable and empathetic medical professionals are going to increase manifold in the coming years world-wide. UV Gullas College of Medicine is committed to empower our students and provide them with complete support during this crisis period.

Our campus is made 100% secure from inside-out. Sanitisers and protective equipment are made available at every part of the campus.All interactions – from lectures to fee payments – are switched to online mode promptly right at the beginning of the pandemic in April. No outsiders are allowed inside our campus. Rest assured, students at UV Gullas campus are 100% safe.

Just this one reason makes MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine more worthy in the world-market!


At UV Gullas College of Medicine, the comfort of our students is of paramount importance. We firmly believe that ensuring a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for our students is the best way to encourage them in their students.

Apart from ensuring a world-class infrastructure, a modern US-based medical curriculum, and the next-gen facilities such as digital classrooms, simulation labs, etc, UV Gullas College of Medicine makes sure we make extra efforts to get our students what they need, in terms of support and guidance. Each individual student has different needs. Our student counselors and coordinators work 24/7 with our students to give them all kinds of support they would need to serve their individual challenges & strengths.

And you get all these modern facilities, individual support and a truly international MBBS degree at an unbelievably low tuition fee at UV Gullas College of Medicine!

State-of-the-art Digital Infrastructure

UV Gullas College of Medicine is equipped with some of the most advanced digital learning tools for medical education. These new age digital teaching tools have become a great asset during these COVID times. Our students continue to get the best learning experience no matter what!

Anatomage Table

Simulation Lab

Digital Classrooms

Anatomage Table

Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system on the market. It is a virtual library of human cadavers that enables students to visualize the human body virtually through advanced 3D technology, from dissecting to simulating. This gives a more in-depth knowledge without getting their hands dirty. Of course, this doesn’t give them a break from working with actual cadavers. But anatomage table adds an added possibility for students to master human anatomy at their own pace and comfort.

Simulation Lab

Our cutting-edge simulation labs help our students achieve educational goals through experiential learning. By replicating clinical scenarios in our simulation labs, our students get to prepare for real-life situations by training & honing their skills, refining advanced techniques and learning valuable social interactive tools.

Digital Classrooms

UV Gullas implemented technology-enabled digital classroom years before the COVID-19 struck and made everyone aware of the importance of digital learning tools. By extending our physical classrooms with digital technology and learning tools, we create a more 360-degree learning experience with effective workflows, faster feedback loops, and easy visualizations of complex concepts. 


UV Gullas College of Medicine with its 50+ years legacy is one of the top-ranking medical colleges in South Asia. Mbbs aspirants from all over the world who want to study abroad choose UV Gullas College of Medicine in Cebu City, Philippines for its world-class medical education which is available at the most affordable fees.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s doctors who are going to save hundreds of lives.

UV Gullas College of Medicine focuses on giving a wholesome education to our students. We want to ensure our students become tomorrow’s leaders in the medical profession with a perfect balance of great subject knowledge, wide practical experience, and a clear ethical wisdom. Healing the world is what we see as the utmost important aspect of our institution’s vision.

In order to ensure that UV Gullas College of Medicine is always uncompromising in providing our students with world-class facilities.

UV Gullas Recognitions:


Beyond the curriculum and career opportunities, students also seek added value, meaning, and stimulation when they choose a medical college. After all, student life is all about learning – not just their subjects, but also about life. UV Gullas College of Medicine provides a rich, diverse, and positive environment that is most conducive for students to learn about themselves and the world around them. 

Mingling with students from diverse backgrounds increases our students’ self-confidence, broad-mindedness and creativity. We have a strong community of international students from all around the world. 

Last few years, a large number of students from India have chosen UV Gullas College of Medicine to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor. We make sure our international students feel at home at our UV Gullas campus. A considerable number of Indian students who are currently studying at UV Gullas and the alumni who have passed out from UV Gullas with flying colors provide support, care and even career guidance to every fresh batch of students from India. We also provide food from their home cuisines and organize celebrations of Indian festivals in our campus apart from the socializing ceremonies such as acquaintance parties, students day celebrations, etc. This way Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine never feel far away from home.

Our student counselors/coordinators provide 24/7 support to the Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine.

UV Gullas College of Medcine Syllabus is student centered
English Speaking Friendly Faculties

Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. All our faculties are trained to be student-friendly and provide constant guidance and support.

High Pass rate in MCI Screening Test

Indian students from UV Gullas College of Medicine have shown great performance in Medical Council of India’s screening test every year with high pass rates and also securing top-ranks.

Uv Gullas College of Medicine Tuition fee is the lowest
Clinical rotation in Philippines, USA, UK.

Our students get to do their clinical rotations in the Philippines, USA and UK, which helps them not just in getting practical exposure but also to secure high-paying jobs in US/UK/European countries later.

Why Choose UV Gullas?

Dr. Nino Ismael Pastor – Dean

Dear tomorrow’s doctors,

At UV Gullas, it has always been our vision to provide to every talented student with accessibility to functional, world-class medical education at an affordable tuition fee. We are proud of the quality healthcare professionals and doctors we have produced over the last 50+ years as a top-ranking medical college in Philippines. The final goal is to serve the world and serve humanity. Our path is innovation, advanced technology, commitment, care to even the smallest details, and the wholesome development of every student. 

I look forward to your presence in our campus. Come join the UV Gullas campus!

Walk into any of UV Gullas admissions offices and our well-trained staff will help and support you through the entire process. Be a part of our proud UV Gullas alumni. Let us share the joy of learning and let us heal the world together.

UV Gullas Admissions Open 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does UV Gullas College of medicine ensure safety for students during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At UV Gullas, we have switched all our operations – from lectures, enquiries and even fee payments – to online platforms. Apart from that, our entire campus is sanitized regularly. Sanitizers and safety equipment are made available at every corner of our campus. No outsiders are allowed inside the campus.

3. Are online classes good for medical education?

UV Gullas College of Medicine ensures our students get the best out of the online classes now. Digital learning is not new at UV Gullas campus. Way before the pandemic, UV Gullas had already established ways of extending the learning experience for our students with the help of various digital tools like digital classrooms, anatomage table, simulation labs, online queries, etc. 

We have added interactive sessions to our daily online lectures to make the online learning more stimulating. Proper breaks are given between lectures for students to rest their eyes and get some off-screen time. Online messenger groups are created for students to ask their doubts/questions and get clarified any time. We are constantly making sure to make the online learning experience as close to classroom experience. As soon as the crisis is over, we’ll switch to more practical classes. Till then, UV Gullas is committed to find best ways for our students to keep learning, safely and effectively.

5. How can a Visa be obtained?

Student visa can be obtained once the necessary documents are submitted in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Authorized Admissions office in Vadapalani, Chennai, and stay back visa will be obtained only after successful completion of the course.

2. How safe it is for students to join UV Gullas College of Medicine in 2020?

Our classes are switched entirely to online classes till the vaccine is ready.

Since the actual classes for 2020 batch will start later in the year, it is safe to begin your admission process now. Even though no outsiders are allowed in our campus now, student entries are done after multiple checks, following strict quarantine procedures, repeated covid tests and continuous monitoring.

UV Gullas is committed to not let an academic year go waste for your children. Life has to keep moving on despite the crisis. The classes and our programs will continue to be online till it is completely safe to be back in the classes. If anything, there will be more opportunities for qualified doctors in the coming years, post-corona. There is no question of stopping the learning now! 

4. How is the Quality of education in Philippines when compared to India?

Philippines Medical Education is Comparatively better than India because of the higher exposure to practical knowledge since clinical starts from the second year itself. 

6. Are the courses availed through University of the Visayas have international authenticity? After successful completion of the course, will I be able to work in India?

Degrees obtained from University of the Visayas have international authenticity. Once you complete the course, you can work in any part of the world. The degree is mainly recognized in Canada, California, Thailand, USA, England and India.

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