UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure:

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure is affordable and is a golden opportunity for Indian students!


You can get a world-class MBBS degree at a total tuition fee of just Rs. 18 lakhs for 5.5 years at UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines.


Tuition fee is extremely affordable at UV Gullas and there is no donation of any kind! Yes, ZERO Donation.  MBBS in Philippines is without any donation or capitation fee because the Philippines government prohibits it and the colleges strictly follow the rules.  In this page, you can find the breakup of the UV Gullas Fee Structure, year by year. 


Admissions for 2020 are underway at UV Gullas College of Medicine. We have only limited seats and they are filling up fast. Apply soon at our UV Gullas Admissions Office in India and start your journey in studying MBBS in Philippines!

No donation or capitation fee of any kind is collected at UV Gullas College of Medicine!


If you can dream and work hard, you too can become a doctor now!


Why is choosing UV Gullas Fee Structure is a smart choice?

When you think about fees for a medical college abroad, you should of course consider the Tuition Fee. But you should not forget the Accommodation Fee, Food and Other Miscellaneous Costs like traveling to and fro from India once in a year or two. 


Living costs in Philippines are cheaper than in most countries. Indian students can have a comfortable lifestyle and healthy food in fully air-conditioned in-campus hostels at UV Gullas campus at such a nominal fee. 


When it comes to flight tickets, that is where UV Gullas Admissions Office of India comes into play. They’ll find you a great deal with flight tickets as a group package with other students. 


Overall, even when including UV Gullas tuition fee, hostel & living expenses, flight & visa expenses all together you’ll be spending far less an amount than what you’d be spending for a private medical college in India (without considering their whopping donations). Moreover, at UV Gullas College of Medicine, you get a truly global exposure, an international degree that will get you high paying career and a comfortable lifestyle at UV Gullas campus.


That is why smart parents and students choose UV Gullas College of Medicine to pursue their dreams of studying MBBS in Philippines. Over 1400+ students Indian students are currently studying at UV Gullas campus. You can check out the reviews directly from Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine here!

Here is a detailed breakdown of UV Gullas College of Medicine Fee Structure for the entire 5.5 years of medical course:

Program Academic Year Tuition Fees in INR
Pre-Medicine Program
(BS Biology)
For 3 Semester and 1 Summer INR 6,75,000
Doctor of Medicine (M.D) MD – 1st Year INR 2,98,000
  MD – 2nd Year INR 2,70,000
  MD – 3rd Year INR 2,70,000
  MD – 4th Year INR 2,70,000
Total in INR   INR 17,83,000
Other Fees & Expenses at UV Gullas Approx Fees in PHP
Visa and Flight charges
(Including Insurance)
1,50,000 PHP
Food and Accommodation
(per month)
11,000 PHP
Tuition Fees for  UV Gullas College of Medicine should be always remitted to the below mentioned bank account through wire transfer
Account Name : Gullas College of Medicne, Inc
Account Number : 001130010585
Swift code : UBPHPHMM
Account Name : Gullas College of Medicne, Inc
Account Number : 300170005725
Swift code : PNBMPHMM
My experience at UV Gullas campus has been wonderful! The support that I received from the faculties and seniors made me feel at home. Happy that I chose UV Gullas College of Medicine for my Medical Education. Affordable tuition fee at UV Gullas has made my dreams possible!


MD, Year I
Not just tuition fee, I can believe I'm living such a comfortable, high-class lifestyle while pursuing my dream MBBS degree at UV Gullas College of medicine. Not just me, all the 1000s of Indian students at UV Gullas campus would vouch that UV Gullas is the best place to study MBBS in Philippines!


MD, Year II

UV Gullas Admissions Office, located in Chennai, sends our students in batches for BS and for MD to our UV Gullas Campus. The trained counselors in our UV Gullas Admissions Office will provide the students with training to face the visa interview. UV Gullas Admissions Counselors will individually help every one till they reach the UV Gullas campus safely. We also handhold our students during the entire tenure of their course while doing MBBS in Philippines, be it with respect to documentation with the Medical Council of India (MCI), or the Indian Embassy in the Philippines and, for the Visa Processing or renewal. UV Gullas College of Medicine takes care of all your admission assistance!

uv gullas students in chennai airport
Check out the world-class UV Gullas campus & the student's direct experience at UV Gullas College of Medicine and its affordable tuition fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the Documents Required during Counseling and Admission Process?

The list of 19 documents are :

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. 10th marksheet (SSLC) or Equivalent
  3. 12th marksheet (SSLC) or Equivalent
  4. Passport with a minimum validity of one year
  5. Notarized NOC from Parents
  6. Clear Financial Support Documents
  7. 6 months bank statement with sufficient funds
  8. PPC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  9. Medical Clearance and Lab Reports(the list to be taken will be provided from the office), X-rays – all from a NABH accredited Hospital
  10. Documents Apositled by the government.

The above list is required for BS. 

For MD, the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) which is conducted by the Center for Educational Measurement and is conducted twice a year – during the period of November – December and the period of April – May in all leading cities in Philippines. The score required is not going to affect the admission because it is the colleges that de the cut offs.

2. What are the documents required for Bank Loan Assistance?

The list of Documents required to process a student loan are as follows :

  1. Admission letter of the Educational Institute giving details of year wise fee, boarding and lodging expenses. 
  2. Letter confirming scholarship, if any.
  3. Attested copies of documents for proof of age/date of birth and proof of residential address.
  4. Passport size photo of the applicant, co-obligants and guarantors.
  5. Copy of marksheets/degree certificates of previous academic qualifications.
  6. Income proof/latest income tax return of parents/co-obligants, guarantors. (if any)
  7. Details of collateral security along with valuation certificate of Government approved valuer (if any).
  8. Details/statements of Bank accounts held by the student applicant/co-obligant(s)/guarantors (if any) for the last six months.
  9. Copy of Passport/Visa, cost of air fare (documentary detail).

3. Where is Philippines Located??

Philippines is a south east Asian country. Countries that are near the Philippines are, primarily Taiwan and China to the north, and Malaysia and Indonesia to the south. Since Philippines is located as an island group, it has no countries that directly borders it. The Philippines is composed of 7,641 islands, only 2,000 of which are inhabited. Most Filipinos live on only 11 of these islands, with the center of population matrix concentrated on the island Luzon, where the capital city Manila is located.

4.Where is Cebu City, Located in Philippines?

Cebu City, officially the City of Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South, is a 1st class and highly urbanized city of the island of Cebu in the Central Visayas Region, Philippines

According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 922,611 people, making it the fifth-most populated city in the nation and the most populous in the Visayas.

It is the regional center of Central Visayas and is the seat of government for the province of Cebu, but is governed separately from it. The city is a significant center of commerce, trade and education in the Visayas. It is the Philippines’ main domestic shipping port, and is home to about 80% of the country’s domestic shipping companies.

5. When did the University of Visayas Start?

University of Visayas is a Prestigious 100 Year old University started in 1919.

6. What is the difference between MBBS and MD?

The difference is that MBBS follows the British system of education whereas MD follows the American system of Education. The degrees are considered equal in stature. For more information, please refer the ECFMG list of degrees, recognized from different countries.

7. How can I get the eligibility certificate from MCI?

Our Indian Office will assist you in acquiring the eligibility certificate from MCI.

8. How can I get the eligibility certificate from MCI?

Our Indian Office will assist you in acquiring the eligibility certificate from MCI.

9. What if I fail in NEXT?

You can apply and attempt the NEXT any number of times. However, the on campus training that is offered in Philippines is for USMLE and the MCI. USMLE is the toughest screening medical exam in the world and our students have a 82% pass record. Hence, passing MCI shouldn’t be a problem.

10. Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or allied Medical Institutions in India?

Yes, upon registration with MCI and the State Medical Councils, you are eligible for any government job.

11. Can I apply for USMLE?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for USMLE.

12. How long is the travel time to Cebu City?

The travel time is on an average of around 8 hours.

13. Do you have hostel facility at UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, we do have the UV Gullas College of Medicine hostel which is separate for Girls and Boys, within the campus with 24 hours security, CCTV cameras and with South Indian Food..

14. How is the security on campus?

At UV Gullas, we have CCTV cameras installed all over the campus, and we have a tight security to ensure that our International Students are safe and secure.

15. What kind of food is provided?

We provide Indian food on UV Gullas campus. We have separate counters for Veg and Non Veg. We even have provisions to provide Jain food for our students.

16. What is the cost of living in Philippines?

Cost of Living is the lowest when compared to the various other European and Russian countries.

17. How safe is Philippines?

It is one of the safest countries in the world,  due to its excellent bilateral relationships they maintain with all the countries around them and by nature, the people of Philippines are very gentle and peace loving.

18. What is NMAT and FSAT?

NMAT is National Medical Admission Test that the students need to appear for after completing BS and graduating into MD. For UV Gullas college of Medicine, the Indian students need to only appear for the exam.

FSAT is Foreign Student’s Aptitude Test that tests the general aptitude of a student when they join the college.

19. How is the Quality of education in Philippines when compared to India?

Philippines Medical Education is Comparatively better than India because of the higher exposure to practical knowledge since clinical starts from the second year itself.

20. What are the different kinds of courses available for higher studies?

We have a wide range of courses like Undergraduate courses and Post graduate courses. But, the main course we offer is MBBS in Philippines. The lists of other courses are available on our University website.

21. Is getting a part-time job difficult?

No. Getting a part time job is not so difficult. Working in a part time job lets you interact with many people, builds up confidence, gives monetary security to a certain extent and gives you exposure.

22. Will the university help to provide educational loan for aspiring students?

Yes. We have helped many of the students with loans till date.

23. After obtaining the visa, if we are unable to join the course due to some personal issues or emergencies, will the university fully refund the fees?

Refund fees will be worked out with in the country’s refund rules. The fees remitted in all the foreign universities are insured via the government of that country.

24. What about the holidays in UV Gullas College of Medicine ? Can we visit home during those days?

Each country has different holiday lists but for Christmas and New Year, there are holidays for almost a month in all the countries. During these holidays of the year, every student can come down to India. Students are provided with multiple entry student visas. This enables them to travel multiple times.

25. What about the medical expenses when we fall sick?

Every student has to have a medical insurance before travelling. When the MBBS student falls sick, the insurance takes care of the medical expenses.

26. How can a Visa be obtained?

Student visa can be obtained once the necessary documents are submitted in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Authorized Admissions office in Vadapalani, Chennai, and stay back visa will be obtained only after successful completion of the course.

27. Can the student visa be changed when we decide to stay back?

Philippines student visas are structured in such a way that every student who has successfully completed their course, will be allowed to stay back, work full time, and can even take up permanent residency.

28. Are the courses availed through University of the Visayas have international authenticity? After successful completion of the course, will I be able to work in India?

Degrees obtained from University of the Visayas have international authenticity. Once you complete the course, you can work in any part of the world. The degree is mainly recognized in Canada, California, Thailand, USA, England and India.


UV Gullas College of Medicine Syllabus follows a more practical based approach. Here, the American syllabus is imbibed and followed to ensure that the students get the latest developments in the MBBS. 

Fees Structure

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure offers the most affordable tuition fee for a truly international MBBS degree with loads of clinical experience. Now Indian students can study MBBS in Philippines at just Rs. 2.7 lakhs per year! Read detailed breakup of UV Gullas tuition fee & other expenses here…

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