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Every year, thousands of Medical students face the prime concern of getting admission in a good medical institution for higher studies. Few students manage to clear the entrance tests for government universities while others keep looking for options in private universities. Most of the students cannot afford the high donation the private universities ask for. In such circumstances comes the MBBS in Abroad options provided by the foreign medical universities to the salvage of Indian medical students. Many universities in different countries are offering MBBS and other medical programs at an affordable price, which is certainly not the case in Indian universities.

Nowadays, many countries offer high-quality medical education at very affordable prices. The students from various countries including India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh etc are willing to study MBBS in foreign countries. Amongst the top picks for doing MBBS in Abroad are Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and many such countries. The medical universities in Philippines, Russia, China, Germany and many other countries follow the international curriculum. The universities in these countries are approved by the major organizations like WHO and enlisted with MCI.

Nowadays, students not only look for affordable medical education but also the quality of education provided in medical colleges abroad. The process of admission in MBBS in abroad medical universities is very simple and hassle-free. In such destinations, there is no need to clear any entrance examination like TOEFL and IELTS.

For Example, the major questions Indian Medical students have in their mind is that after completing MBBS what other steps will follow. After completion of the MBBS in Abroad course, the students need to complete 3 more steps.

  1. To clear the MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam.
  2. Complete 1 year of internship in India.
  3. To register with MCI as a medical practitioner.

After completing the above process, the medical students can appear for NEET for PG (Entrance test for PG leading to MD / MS). The completion of the above steps after completion of MBBS in abroad, entitles a student to appear for the PG program in India.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Abroad:

  •  No Donation or Capitation Fee is required- To seek admission in any Indian Medical University parents have to pay a huge amount of donation or capitation fee excluding the yearly tuition fee. This is not the case in the Top Medical Universities Abroad. When considering MBBS in Abroad, the Medical universities of Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China, etc. don’t accept any capitation fee or donation fee.
  •  No entrance test is required to seek Admission- For MBBS in Abroad, students need to secure a minimum of 50% in their 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. They don’t even need to clear an entrance examination such as IELTS and TOEFL.
  •  Extremely low cost of living- This factor is highly dependent on the lifestyle of the student. The majority of foreign countries who are offering MBBS in Abroad are from Europe, where the cost of living is extremely low. If we talk about Russia, the monthly average living expense is somewhere between 100-150 USD $ (Indian Rupee- 69.31 INR) including all overhead expenses.
  • Best World Class Infrastructure Medical universities of Abroad offer world class Infrastructure with all the latest equipment.
  •  Opportunity to get great International Exposure- Students will get the chance to meet the students coming from different countries, ethnicity, and background in the Top Medical Universities Abroad. This exposure will be of great help for all the students trying to settle in a new country.
  •  English Taught Programs- Medical universities of Abroad use the English language as the medium of education. It’s not mandatory for students to learn the local language of the country to study MBBS in that country. However, it is beneficial for the students and assists them in their holistic development.
  •  Availability of Hostel- All the medical universities involved in MBBS in Abroad provides comfortable and cozy hostel accommodation to all its international students. Indian students will be happy to know that the majority of medical universities Abroad, offer Indian food too.

MBBS in Abroad is one of the great options Indian medical aspirants can opt to see the transformation of their dreams into a reality.

Which country is suitable for mbbs in abroad?

The Medical Education in Philippines has become vibrant in the last few years .

Foreign MBBS students especially the students from US, UK, India, Nigeria and a few other South East Asian Countries prefer Philippines to pursue medicine.

MBBS in abroad options are available in countries like China, Russia, Uzkekisthan, Ukraine etc, but they are not suitable because of the climate, language, food, etc. The climate in most of these countries fall into Temperate continental, while Philippines stands apart due to the climatic zone it is based in. The Tropical Zone helps in ensuring that the practice they have,

Whereas Philippines is a tropical country. Its climate is as same as India. Indian foods available in college campus and outside also.

English is the medium of Instruction.

Cost of living is very low

Fees structure is affordable for students.

Best medical college to study medicine in Philippines is the one and only Top Ranking medical college is UV Gullas college of medicine

The Gullas College of Medicine has grown into an eight-campus, province wide system of higher education and lower level laboratory schools.

There are two campuses in Cebu City, the main University campus in the downtown Cebu City area and a laboratory high school in Pardo.

Gullas college of medicine main campus in Cebu City, with a six multi-story building including a gymnasium, occupies almost one city block bounced by Colon, D. Jakosalem and Sanciangko Streets.

The College of Dentistry and Nursing are located in a separate campus in Banilad, Mandaue City at the site of Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital and the Gullas College of Medicine.

The university of visayas -Gullas College of Medicine  Mandaue Campus (formerly Mandaue Academy) is located in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue City.

Study Mbbs abroad in UV Gullas to get world class education with international standards. Education in University is offered by experienced professors in respective terms.


  • UV Gullas College of Medicine has been ranked at number 3, in the recently published report in Wikipedia. This information is as per the updated results of 2019, Physician Licensure Examination.
  • UV Gullas College of Medicine ranking has a passing percentage of 98.54 % in 2019 and 98.65% in 2022. The course follows US-based syllabus, and is more practical oriented.
  • The course has been recognized by the
    • General council of medicine of Great Britain,
    • American Medical Association of the USA,
    • Medical Council of India,
    • Medical Council of Thailand,
    • Medical Council of California,
    • Australian Medical Council Limited (ECFMG),
    • The World Health Organization and International Medical Education Directory.
  • The students for the college’s come from Thailand, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Iran, Nepal, Japan, Nigeria, and United States. The course is divided into BS also called Bachelor of Science and MD also called Doctor of Medicine.
  • The clinical exposure, the cadaver training, the surprise tests, and the research papers ensure that our students stand top in subject knowledge.


  • UV Gullas College of medicine  provide the hostel facility for the benefit of the students. Indian students are strictly advised to stay only in the hostel which is well maintained by University Management.
  • This is a reason why most Indian students gets attracted towards UV Gullas college of medicine as they are facilitated with in campus accommodation .
  • The UV Gullas College of medicine hostel is well-equipped for learners to find their study convenient. The UV Gullas Hostel with CCTV camera is extremely secures, provides air-conditioned spaces according to students’ requirements and international learners receive rigorous discipline. The UV Gullas hostel is equipped with all amenities international learners need. UV Gullas College of medicine is provides international learners who wish to explore medicine with an accessible fee structure as an accessible student for international learners. There is a separate field for learners to prepare themselves.

UV Gullas college of medicine Hostels available with some benefits listed below:

  • UV Gullas college of medicine hostels provide a very homely feeling for the students coming from different parts of the world.
  • The University has an affordable hostel system with well-furnished rooms and recreation centre.
  • All the rooms are well ventilated, comfortable, fully furnished with the centralized air system.
  • The UV Gullas hostel rooms are provided with all basic amenities like- Internet access, TV and telephone.
  • Facilities for students at UV Gullas college of medicine are arranged on a sharing basis, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • UV Gullas hostels have Common recreational areas are provided for students where they can relax and socialize.
  • Mbbs in Philippines-The university of Visayas takes special care of the international students and accommodation is ensured for all students.
  • UV Gullas College of medicine Hostels are under protection with security 24×7.
  • Reading rooms and gym are accommodated in the hostel.

UV Gullas college of medicine Philippines is a top ranking medical college is mostly preferred by students is located on Cebu city.

Cebu is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region, comprising Cebu Island and more than 167 smaller surrounding islands and islets.

Its prosperous port capital, Cebu City, retains landmarks from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past, including the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño church and triangular Fort San Pedro. Tops, an observation deck on Mt. Busay, has sweeping views over the city

Cebu is commonly called as centre of medical education.

The main campus of University of Cebu is situated along Sanciangko Street. Meanwhile, its campus in Banilad is located along Barangay Banilad Road.

It strives to teach students how to become globally competitive individuals in the future.

Cebu is one of the most inviting places in the Philippines, Cebu offers good quality education. Cebu medical colleges are well known by all the professionals in the medical field.

These educational institutions are part of a dependable Cebu education system that aims to educate people in the best ways possible.

They offer outstanding academic programs, competitive courses and state-of-the-art facilities for students to use and enjoy as they continue to learn.

This university is one of the pioneer members of the extensive Cebu education system. It has a couple of campuses in the City of Cebu, plus facilities in other convenient locations in the province.

Its programs are simply amazing including the Community Organizing Participative Action Research for Community Extension Program, extensive scholarships and the Study Now Pay Later Plan.

UV Gullas College of medicine Philippines aims to teach students how to become individuals who are clinically skillful, intellectually competent and humanely caring.

UV Gullas College of Medicine makes sure that quality education is offered to students. The college aims at offering education that should act as a catalyst for life-changing opportunities for students. This 100 years old Top Philippines Medical college is well known for its high standard education and Clinical rotation offered in both Private and Government hospitals.


UV Gullas College of medicine fee structure is moderate for Students also serves International Students especially very comfortable for Indian students who wish to study Medicine with affordable Fees Structure.

The tough competition in getting a seat in government medical college in India and the high cost in private medical colleges concern many parents. They will truly be impressed with the UV Gullas college of medicine tuition Fees in Philippines and the medical education in Philippines.

When it comes to medical colleges, generally the high fee structure makes it a tough thing for many students and their parents. The UV Gullas college of Medicine Fees Structure makes MBBS in Philippines very affordable for students.

 UV Gullas college of medicine Fees can be paid in two portions which is very affordable for students and they are permitted to pay in the same mode for every semester.

Study MBBS in UV Gullas College of Medicine to get a world-class education. Check with our experts for this leading Philippines medical college fees today. Medicine in Philippines today is most preferred by International students as they find MBBS Abroad as an affordable option, of which MBBS in Philippines is the most affordable and UV Gullas college of medicine tuition fee can be afforded by people of all category who look to study MBBS abroad.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure

UV Gullas college of medicine is a multi-storied building, that has air-conditioned gallery type lecture rooms, fully modernized laboratories, demonstration hall, auditorium, and library. The campus contains hostel, cafeteria, play area, and hospital.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Library

UV Gullas college of medicine has the main library and department libraries, that contains a large number of medical text and reference books. International and national journals are accessible and e-library facility is also available with the computer. The library consists of air-conditioned reading rooms for the benefit of the staffs and students.


Most of the students in UV Gullas are from 16 different countries so to avoid partiality between the students UV Gullas College of medicine provides Uniform for its students.

During 1st year (BS) the students should compulsory wear uniform in weekly 2 days. Remaining days they can wear their own dress.

During MD students should be in uniform in all working days.

The students name plates (badge) will change every year.


When considering MBBA in Abroad, UV Gullas College of medicine is a safer option because it has many positive reviews from both students and parents. Lots of Indian students enroll only after asking UV Gullas College of medicine reviews.

Many successful students and parents refer UV Gullas College of medicine to their friends and relatives.

Students and parents can search on Google as UV Gullas college of medicine reviews and get the actual information of UV Gullas from our alumni and also from presently studying students.


UV Gullas College of medicine Syllabus is based on US Syllabus pattern. Hence the UV Gullas students are easily clearing the USMLE Exam.

UV Gullas aims to teach students how to become individuals who are clinically skillful, intellectually competent and humanely caring.

UV Gullas College of Medicine has been ranked at number 3, in the recently published report in Wikipedia. This information is as per the updated results of 2019, Physician Licensure Examination.

The passing percentage of UV Gullas College of Medicine has a passing percentage of 98.54 % in 2019 and 98.65% in 2020.

The course follows US-based syllabus classes will based on 80% practical so that the students will get extreme level of knowledge.

UV Gullas college of medicine faculties are well trained Doctors. They give excellent training for the future doctors.

At UV Gullas College of Medicine. Most of the subjects are yearly courses which are taken up for two semesters. Medical theories, practices, medical approaches, various technologies, and problem solving approach will be available in the course curriculum. Course curriculum is based on outcome based program.

The curriculum of UV Gullas college of medicine has been approved by CHED.

The Subjects are listed below

Studying MBBS in Philippines at UV Gullas college of medicine will provide the medicine degree as BSMD which is equivalent to MBBS.

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus for Medical Curriculum leading to MBBS (BS)

First Term

  • Calculus & Analytical
  • Biochemistry
  • Geometry
  • Plant Morpho-Anatomy
  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • General Psychology
  • Parasitology
  • Plant Morpho-Anatomy

Second Term

  • Entomology
  • Freshwater Biology
  • General Microbiology
  • Philosophy of Man
  • Developmental Biology
  • Plant Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Genetics
  • Animal Physiology

Third Term

  • Research Methodology
  • Systematic Biology
  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Politics & Governance / Phil. Const
  • Ecology
  • Education for Sustainable
  • Development

Third Term

  • Human Genetic
  • Radiation Biology
  • Histology & Micro-technique
  • Research in Bio. Sc. (Thesis Writing)
  • Immunology
  • Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings
  • Econ. / Taxation & Agrarian Reform

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus for Medical Curriculum leading to MBBS (MD)

First Year

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus First Semester

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Neuroscience 1
  • Prim. Health Care

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus Second semester

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Neuroscience 1
  • Biostatistics
  • History of Medicine

Second Year

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus First semester

  • Pharmacoiogy
  • Microbiology
  • Gen Pathology
  • Clin. Pathoiogy
  • Phys Diagnosis
  • Neuroscience 2
  • Epidemiology
  • Pharmacoiogy

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus Second semester

  • Parasitology
  • Gen Pathology
  • Clin. Pathoiogy
  • Phys Diagnosis
  • Neuroscience 2
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery

Third Year

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus First Semester

  • Pediatrics
  • Ob-Gyne
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Legal Medicine
  • EENT
  • Neuroscience 3

UV Gullas college of medicine Syllabus Second Semester

  • Pediatrics
  • Ob-Gyne
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Corn. Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
  • Med. Ethics
  • Rehab. Med
  • Neuroscience 3

Fourth Year

  • Clinical
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Ob-Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Community Medicine


The college campus has its own Indian mess. Both South and north Indian Foods are available. The mess offers variety of menu with custom package available. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Canteen has Indian chef to prepare same style of Indian food for Indian students. veg and non veg are separately served for students.Non-Veg food is strictly prepared by Halal method.

The UV Gullas medical college offers a spacious playground, it encourages students enthusiasm. That makes the students have a good physical and mental focus. And also it provides indoor games and recreational facilities for the benefit of the students.


UV Gullas College of medicine always serves International students with all benefits who seek MBBS Admission at UV Gullas.

UV Gullas Admission process and visa assistance were directly handled by the Staffs at International Students Admission office at Chennai Vadapalani.

The UV Gullas college of medicine Admission office staffs will assists the students from the day one process starts with :

Free Education Counseling

The counseling is given to both students and parents to ensure that they are really Interested in study mbbs in Philippines.

The counseling process time is between 45 minutes to 2 hours. UV Gullas College of medicine admission process will be very transparent. The session will include all the details about college, fee structure, hostel, Food and accommodation, safe and secure, syllabus etc…

After confirming the admission status the process will start with

Application filling,



Notice of Acceptance will receive from University

If the student does not have Passport we will help them to get it from the respective regional passport office.

Also we will help to get PCC for the student.


Visa processing

Visa Interview

Travel ticket

Travel along with students to UV Gullas college of medicine Philippines.

UV Gullas college of medicine Eligibility Criteria

Note that the minimum qualifying marks to apply for admission at this famous college are 50% (It is for the aggregate of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). Students that are interested in getting admission to UV Gullas college are also required to clear the NEET exam here in India to continue their education.

Indian students need to qualify for the NMAT exam in the Philippines to get enrolled in this reputed medical college. Reports reveal that the estimated time for application processing at UV Gullas College of Medicine is somewhere around 3 to 5 working days.

At a later stage, the selected students will get the Letter or Notice of Acceptance from the institute. It is important to present all the certificates, including mark sheets at the time of the admission process.

UV Gullas college of medicine admission requirements:

Now, you might be eager to know the list of documents that are must for sending your application to UV Gullas College of Medicine. Well, here is the list:

In order to get admission to MBBS in Philippines, a candidate must follow this eligibility criterion:

· The student must be at least 18 years old.

· He/she must have completed the high school education.

· The application form for the admission must be filled out carefully.

·Certificate of Good Moral Character must be signed from the last attended university.

 An original copy of the birth certificate may be required.

· 12th marksheet

· 10th marksheet

·NEET score card/sheet

 Copy of the Passport

These documents must be first scanned and emailed to the office at info@uvgullas.com. They will check all these documents, and if they are found in order, the university will send you a confirmation email in just 2 working days.

Once you receive an email from the university, it is important to prepare these important documents for submission:

· Get your post-admission letter ready.

  Get financial affidavit for the apostle process.

  A medical report is an important addition to the list.

  You have to submit original certificates to the college management.

The documents you have submitted are compulsory send to Philippines Embassy      New Delhi for attestation and apostle process.

Then we will receive all the documents after the completion of the apostle process. A set of Dates will be scheduled by the Philippines Embassy for Visa Interview for all the students who have applied for MBBS abroad. The student is required to attend a visa interview in the Philippines consulate compulsory on the respective date allotted for them.

After completing the Interview it usually takes around 10 days for issuing of Visa. On the other hand the Air ticket and travel arrangements will be done by the UV Gullas college of medicine in Philippines office in Vadapalani. Hence, it is better to start your process ahead of time. Once you get a visa, you are ready to fly to UV Gullas college of Medicine Philippines.

UV Gullas College of medicine admissions opens for 2022. For admission and counseling Parents and students can reach UV Gullas college of medicine Admission office Chennai Vadapalani .

UV Gullas College of medicine International Students Admission office

Shree Towers, 100 Feet road,

Near ADORE, Vadapalani,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026.

CT: 9445553877

Mail us at info@uvgullas.com

UV Gullas college of medicine Philippines address

UV Gullas Building

 6014 Mandaue City,

 Cebu, Philippines

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