UV Gullas College of Medicine Community Service


Today UV Gullas College of Medicine embarked on a journey to give back to the community that it had thrived for almost half a century. With the novel Coronavirus 19 or covid-19 almost under control, our MBBS students both local as well as the foreign students who are doing MBBS in Philippines in our college, came forward to help the public and our students who are staying out of the UV Gullas Campus. 


Cebu City was very proactive in controlling the novel coronavirus-19 to the point where the last reported case was almost a week ago. Here are some interesting pictures of our students wearing the masks as per the guidelines to mitigate the effect of coronavirus-19 while they distribute essential items to the public. 

UVgullas.com uvgullas college of medicine doing service for the community
Yes, we worked with our students and helped our students who came to do MBBS in Philippines who were staying out of the campus and also the public, to have food and essentials.

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