UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus


The UV Gullas College of Medicine campus is secured with 24/7 securities and cctv survielance . UVGCM is a nationally recognized medical centre. The college features cutting-edge facilities, as well as the best medical skills and education available. In the Philippines, the institution has established itself as a leading medical institution.

The Gullas Medical College was founded in 1977 and has been performing well ever since. The college is located in Cebu City, Philippines, in a pleasant and pleasant landscape. The college, which is equipped with all latest equipment, offers prospective doctors, surgeons, and researchers a practical approach.

UV Gullas Campus is a peaceful environment has its own in campus hostel with Indian Mess.

The University of Visayas supports the college, which is accredited by the Indian Medical Council and the World Health Organization.
All major medical bodies throughout the world, such as MCI, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, and USMLE, have accredited the college.

All prospective doctors can receive the best medical education at an inexpensive price at the college.
For the past ten years, Indian students have picked the UV Gullas College of Medicine to study MBBS abroad. Thousands of Indian students come to UV Gullas Medical College to study medicine and achieve their ambitions.

The college’s goal is to help students become responsible future doctors by providing them with educational and living opportunities. The institution is well-known for its dedication to medical quality and student well-being, which it is always seeking to improve.

UV Gullas College of Medicine makes significant investments in contemporary facilities and sophisticated studies for young people at a reasonable cost. The college increases students’ potential and assists them in becoming skilled doctors through its efficient efforts.