What are the different kinds of courses available for higher studies?

We have a wide range of courses like Undergraduate courses and Post graduate courses. But, the main course we offer is MBBS. The lists of other courses are available on our website.

Is getting a part-time job difficult?

No. Getting a part time job is not so difficult. Working in a part time job lets you interact with many people, builds up confidence, gives monetary security to a certain extent and gives you exposure.

How fast can a Visa be obtained?

Student visa can be obtained once the necessary documents are submitted and Stay back visa will be obtained only after successful completion of the course.

Can the student visa be changed when we decide to stay back?

Philippines student visas are structured in such a way that every student who has successfully completed their course, will be allowed to stay back, work full time, and can even take up permanent residency.

Are the courses availed through University of the Visayas have international authenticity? After successful completion of the course, will I be able to work in India?

A: Degrees obtained from University of the Visayas have international authenticity. Once you complete the course, you can work in any part of the world.

Will the university help to provide educational loan for aspiring students?

Yes. We have helped many of the students with loans till date.

After obtaining the visa, if we are unable to join the course due to some personal issues or emergencies, will the university fully refund the fees?

Refund fees will be worked out with in the country’s refund rules. The fees remitted in all the foreign universities are insured via the government of that country.

What about the holidays in foreign universities? Can we visit home during those days?

Each country has different holiday lists but for Christmas and New Year, there are holidays for almost a month in all the countries. During these holidays of the year, every student can come down to India. Students are provided with multiple entry student visas. This enables them to travel multiple times.

What about the medical expenses when we fall sick?

Every student has to have a medical insurance before travelling. When you fall sick, the insurance takes care of the medical expenses.

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